With much love, we are proud to see Stephan present himself and his character as he becomes a Bar Mitzvah on June 23, 2012.   Stephan will help lead the service at Temple Har Shalom in Warren, NJ starting at 9:45am on the 23rd.  Following the service, we ask those invited to please RSVP here, and join us in a luncheon at the Temple.

Stephan has enjoyed sharing and celebrating some wonderful and amazing Bar and Bat Mitzvah’s with his friends this year.  (It’s more than 40).  When Lynn and I first considered the Bar Mitzvah and what it meant and entailed from a personal and economic viewpoint, we remembered our childhoods and realized that the 4 or 5 hour party goes so quickly.   So, when we talked to our kids about their Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s, we gave them a choice: either have a big party and weekend celebration or a trip of their choice, anywhere they wanted to go.  Maxine our oldest chose the party.  Stephan chose the trip.

It’s been a two year discussion about the trip and has finally narrowed down to two options, Disneyworld in Orlando OR African Safari followed up by a trip to Israel.  Steph is slowly moving away from his stand on wanting to go to Disney in favor of heading to South Africa for a photo safari.  We’ll know soon.

We are very proud of Stephan for staying with his Hebrew and lessons, even though his heart and patience has been oscillating like a sine wave.   Throughout his life though, Stephan has always been a smart, thoughtful and overall wonderful person. 

We hope you will be able to share this event with us and hear from Stephan on what this means to him.  In the meantime, please explore this website and RSVP (or Call our RSVP Line at 908-222-2900 x. 117), learn more about Stephan, see him in action, tell us what you are thinking and see what is happening. 

With our warmest love and regards,

David and Lynn Rosen


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